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past perplexed painted premoni
slamming daring darling - destroy destroy, destruction no pleasantries inside your head for me?
more rattling bones in window chimes and chains and clinking artifacts, boom boom rustling curtains window screens, provide a spontaneous monogram, a monologue, a phrase, a bit to eat. i'm too private for holes to be ripped in rags. worn wear them down until they're see through, more waltz's down hallways that enlarge and grow and grow, erosion timeless stretched - lollipop daggers gnawed for flavor.
ribbons and jester hats against the king's council, or the queen's, the final act of nihilism has been made towards the king, not the lady, statue frozen pose, with rolling laws of organs (tired face, feet pooled by his own famed red carpet stretching into modern days, whistling eardrums that pound to any songs that might still exist inside his mouth.)
boneless architecture - steadying hands to frightened gargoyle horses, flickering eyes to strange digits pressed against them, struggling out to
:iconstargem-kitty:Stargem-kitty 1 0
nothing here but what you see
"don't we all need aspects of divination, eh?" she says, rubbing her left eyebrow. sandpaper twirling against carousel toys, ring around the rosy. broken chandeliers curved in the cartography of old religion - maps lined with geometric angles that didn't fade with the wind. maybe something stayed, burnt into the crevices of the floor. "tick, tock, tick tock," fingers drumming, pressing a kiss to the fingertips - brought together like a rose.
she let the ash slip away from the spaces between, skimming the ground like a lost traveler, pointed arrows from a compass spanning ancient rows (eyes set to the front, casual curtsy to the unheard incantation, small smile to the memory, bashful or sinister, hands fluttering like birds, places neatly at the curve of the back, fingers weaving in and out, nail scratches like their own geometry against the skin.)
"maybe we can redefine. polish swords and curve triangles into bark, reason see as reason do?"
"maybe we can just polish swords and keep awa
:iconstargem-kitty:Stargem-kitty 0 0
butterfly halluciations ?maybe
can't complain, open fingers, webs between them, webbed hands, spider hands, cat cradling into nets, night place between calluses - rough to the touch and skimming over old gales of fingerprints, hundred years old, ended knives where the ridges draw deep, grow deep, keep on growing into dark places, burnt and sprawled with incense. she clinked her teeth like drums.
rotten apples hung from a dead tree - tied with string, hanged apples, drunk perfume apples - drunk parrot, now, fake fanged jaws, apples like christmas ornaments, costumes like hallow halloween. wrinkled shruken heads hanging too, wiccan rituals carved eleborately, painted with sulfur. don't know, don't know, wiggled fingers to skip step two step three to blow away a fly.
told leslie - told jekyll - told the mad hatter and dolly dolly alice too - weekly apocolyptic poker parties in the dungens - chains like clicking tongues - doll running hands over leslie, poor leslie checking glances at the mad hatter, dolls eyes like swi
:iconstargem-kitty:Stargem-kitty 0 0
snip snip galaxa ?
Empty dusty I've forgotten the taste of rotten pills, bird droppings, white face paint of the natives, rooms stretched out in speckled macabre, swallowing tooth and claw and chain; there is something about the way she closes her eyes in this room that makes it reach uncertain levels of high, hanging by a string, clinging, something about the way she feels the insides of her eyeballs, all soft organ wire flesh that makes it feel unreal. There are exactly ten questions in her mind that aren't expressed, no words come out and she expects them to be printed on the air in front of her, spinning around like word bubbles, floating to the ceiling, obscured and very, very important and not reaching anyone or anything, just the ceiling up in the sky looking for all it did like a piece of a broken spaceship, astronomy spread out like multiplication tables by her foot. Amelia twitches it. A book in the room falls out, it looks like nothing. There is a portrait of her with no nose, no mouth,
:iconstargem-kitty:Stargem-kitty 1 0
foam patterns by Stargem-kitty foam patterns :iconstargem-kitty:Stargem-kitty 2 7
collision of substances:
(?)`skinny-dip in winking waves upon these lands of ephemera, rolling out in the rippling vibrations of a yawn that stretches out as visions of sight and taste, re- harnessing the six senses into control of these life-lined mindsets of the future, clamping in-between the jaws of a creature that resembled many things of Dali's creations, but none so sharp, none so angular and dismissively inhumane and human in those sharpened insect legs that vanished before they reached the bottom of curling grass that raised ever so slightly, perched as softly as butterfly touches upon the demand of moth's wings and spectral smiles that clicked in lightening delusions upon saddened travelers- none so ever knowing than the ones that lived in Sheol once a-upon a time. Some needed to leave ideas of return to their roots, for they stretched so horribly underneath and writhed like the constant craving of greed; it was always her least favorite sin, Iolanthe supposed, remarking the lithe fingers that used t
:iconstargem-kitty:Stargem-kitty 1 0
semblance of idle worldmaking:
Draw me a world of twisting spiraling gymnasts in a court of labyrinths, a world of neverland and wonderland from all great legends to spread their bohemian winds in rolling hills of wild Woodstock fancy; creating the hills of mud and sweat and rolling down them on surf-boards during mud fights. (whisper, scream, raise your voice and soar those notes out of your skull and soul) and of the ancient galore of carving stories into barks of trees that gaze on as stepping ladders and the peacocks ray of feathers for the leaves, following footsteps of carved in stories like a mystery quest from where the words came from; bring me a sight of the world of wizard in oz mixed in with this delightful fantasy of curious tidbits of imagination, in order to give some semblance within the eerie yawning of wonderland and the restless floating ships found in the daydreams of stardust's humanity- may we whisper worlds found in Lovecraft's tales, but only to scare the curious tyrants beyond the age of fiv
:iconstargem-kitty:Stargem-kitty 1 0
this is lining the backbone
This nordic light –
in the broken shards of heroes-
(is) pressed against their bones within
this scenic sleepless world, to keep us awake and dreamless,
equations to open eyes against their marrow.
This world is underwater,
the northern lights a play on reflections and the waves,
it shelters those ancient proofs with frozen mouths
this movement continues,
leaving long drawn symbols for another life.
:iconstargem-kitty:Stargem-kitty 3 3
this distance comes and goes
I can breathe if I don’t swallow, I do best when there is nothing to swallow; gluttony is a sin, you know? (but I want to swallow it in, swallow it all in like I’m window shopping, like I’m shuffling through the titles of books and the smell of your skin, the memories of your face and these days, I want to swallow them whole and their fleeting emotion) No games to follow or to tie behind you rope it around and pull, each limb attached to something, a tree, a doorknob, the space between my bed and yours, a dream, a game, a person, you. Each limb pushing and pulling in a flummoxed compass of directions, to and fro, my body’s game of tug and war. I am stretched out with my veins as string, the sky through my skin, starlight twisting in between the cartilage of my bones, a secret whisper pressed between the synapse, our hands spreading apart each point of a star, one dot in the universe – you shift and the universe folds.
:iconstargem-kitty:Stargem-kitty 4 10
. in the moon or horizon, the?
The moon’s coming down in splinters
And the ocean is crumbling beneath my feet

There is music somewhere on the horizon
Where a gasping wind pulls the tides back,
Opens up a new rhapsody,
Singing songs against my ear.
:iconstargem-kitty:Stargem-kitty 8 9
. we were many things
We were lost,
between long gnarled branches of our history-
we were never perfect, we never tried to be. We lived in our faults and our sins and yet,
and yet I still watch the morning come up,
from the east and end in the west,
shadows flickering like empty ghosts by me,
and it is still beautiful.
:iconstargem-kitty:Stargem-kitty 2 14
beneath the sea .
is yet what was will be?
will I hide beneath the sea, [?]
drape velvet waves against my face and hands and mouth,
be driven east and west and north and south,
into a new direction; drawing maps against my hand and spread my fingers outward, will the compass on my palm point the way home?
Sea breezes and silk shawls of foam,
This air we're breathing, this empty roaming not yet fixed,
Of this old sea corpse, whirlwinds of air from every side, bringing hurricanes, taking us up and up until the little houses, the neat alleyways and careful restaurants, until the sex and drugs and booze and flowers and photographs and images of former lives and living ones; until we’re mixed, all mixed.
Falling into our little house beneath the sea.
:iconstargem-kitty:Stargem-kitty 4 3
. of tired dreams
/ my bones are not made of polished ivory,
nor skin of finely cut transparency,
no darkened sapphires for eyes,  
or powered rubies in my blood.
I was not raised with amaranths,
nor ran with bobbing flowers,
did not rip petals off forget me nots,
or smell the roses for their perfume.
thunder did not crash into metaphors for me,
nor snow plaster my eyelashes with promises,
rain wasn’t in rhythm with my heart,
but hail destroyed no dream.
:iconstargem-kitty:Stargem-kitty 6 11
. and maybe blinking lights .
– you’re
suffocating my inhalation
(repressing all those dry breathes against my mouth, stealing them away)
even dreams don’t hold onto imagination
(crying memories against my shoulder, all mysteries shattering)
Radio songs crackling between bedsheets (rotations churning)
I would write in twenty broken voices
If it meant something
to you.
:iconstargem-kitty:Stargem-kitty 4 5
. in these .
more and more ice,
(there’s a bath, it’s dark)
chasing monsters in dreams,
tracing footprints,
playing with blood,
cleaning streets,
picking flowers,
structuring until worlds of a play unfold before me,
under the bed covers
(there’s a pulse, they cry, footsteps vibrating, leaving, rushing, panicking)
and I, and I’m—
I’m trying to speak in words that make sense,
in secrets and sentences that don’t blur with difficulty
in gestures that don’t shake and crash down, jerking like those electrified.
maybe I’m dying,
but I don’t think I’m scared.
:iconstargem-kitty:Stargem-kitty 6 2
rockside sunrise: by Stargem-kitty rockside sunrise: :iconstargem-kitty:Stargem-kitty 3 8

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o. o. o.
United States
turn me into something beautiful today, change me into something murderous tomorrow, switch my gaze into a million faces and suffocate me in your dreams.

Non sum qualis eram, I am not what I was.

Harry Potter (harry/draco <3, remus/sirius),
Merlin BBC (Merlin/Arthur, Gwen/Morgana)
Supernatural (Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester}
House (House/Wilson)
History (Hitler/Stalin, for the lolz)
Bandom (Ryan/Brendon (from Panic at the Disco), PATD GSF. )

3am ideas, accents, ambiguous morality, anatomical features, animal rights, animals, astronomy, aziraphale/crowley, bandom, biting, black and white photographs, bones, bookstores, chocolate, cliffs, coffee, collecting junk, computers, cynicism, daemons, debating, dirty talk, dolphins, dreamscape, edgar allen poe, ee.cummings, emotions, equal rights, faeries, fairy tales, fandoms, fanfiction, fantasy, feeling alive, film theory, fireflies, flowers, foreign music, fresh flowers, friends, fringe science, good omens, harry potter, harry/draco, hate, his dark materials, hitler, homosexuality, horses, hot chocolate, house, house/wilson, human nature, human rights, human sexuality, hypnopompic hallucinations, ice skating, icicles, icons, ideas, identityfucking, insanity, international studies, interspecies communication, irony, irreverent humor, j2, labyrinth, lakes, languages, latin, laughter, learning, lighthouses, literature, loopholes, love, lust, medieval art, memorable people, mental diseases, merlin, merlin/arthur, mermaids, moors, morality of god, mountains, movies, multicolored socks, museums, music, musicals, mythology, nature, painting a world, pastries, phantom of the opera, philosophy, photography, piano, playing pretend, plays, poetry, politics, porn war, psychology, quotes, rain, reading, religion, remus/sirius, rent, rock climbing, roleplaying, running, ryan/brendon, sadism, sam/dean, sci-fi, sexualities, shipping, skeletons, slash, slashfic, snakes, snow, speculation, subtext, sunrises, supernatural, tempus, the necessity of war, the ocean, the stanford prison treatment, theater, trees, walt whitman, water, water lilies, werewolves, wildflowers, wincest, wine, wolves, wonders, words, worlds, writers, writing, ♀♀, ♀♂, ♂♂

running stones, breaking boundaries, large windows and rain and forests and heaters underneath and covers and fireplaces in the corner and a good book or laptop, monsters singing lullabies, flying, out of reach catastrophes, smiling Cheshire cats

pick me a dream, i'll whisk it out of the air/ present it to you/ tender loving care/ formulate the stories, outline colors, me and you/

I'm not really here anymore / it's all just deviations back from when I was young. I should remove them eventually. Or not, slice of history, as they say. I do enjoy looking through art though, and if anyone remembers/knows me, feel free to post in the comments. I'll reply eventually, I'm sure.


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